ZINC OXIDE 99% Extra Pure

Article No Z-09672
CAS No 1314-13-2
HSN Code 28170010
Purity Min. 99.0%
Grade Extra pure
Molecular Formula ZnO
Molecular Weight 81.38
Shelf Life 5 years




ZINC OXIDE 99% Extra Pure

500 gm


Description A soft, white or faintly yellowish white amorphous powder, free from grittiness
Assay 99.0 – 100.5%
Identification To pass IP test
Substance insoluble in acid & carbonate To pass IP test
Alkalinity To pass IP test
Arsenic (As) Max. 0.0005%
Iron (Fe) Max. 0.02%
Lead (Pb) To pass IP test
Loss on ignition (500°C) Max. 1.0%
Melting point/Freezing point (˚C) 1975˚C
Solubility in water (% weight) Insoluble in water